Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Cross Channel Racing?

Cross Channel Racing are offering a new and exciting membership  to company owners and individuals who have an interest in horse racing , having fun and enjoying unique experiences.

The four elements to the membership below will give opportunities to our members to create memories that will never, ever be forgotten.

  • Own “member shares” in a racehorse
  • Enjoy exclusive VIP events
  • Gain access to the Inner Circle which offers racing tips
  • Join the Business Network

Membership costs are pooled together to enable the business to offer these experiences at an affordable price.

Cross Channel Racing are working with Robyn Brisland Horse Racing trainer to find young , unraced and progressive horses to win races for our members.

Why was Cross Channel Racing set up?

Horse racing is a huge spectator sport and millions go the races but never get “inside the ropes “ and access to all the  privileges that Owners and Trainers do.

Cross Channel Racing will offer members money can’t buy experiences for members who will gain access to the Owners and Trainers lounge, the parade ring and with a bit of luck stand in the winners enclosure !

We want to bring the fun and excitement of the horse racing world, coupled with a number of VIP benefits, inner circle gambles and business networking opportunities for our members without a huge cost

Cross Channel Racings aim is to be recognised as ‘THE’ membership club that people want to be a part of.

What are the benefits of Cross Channel Racing?

Each membership has four parts:

Part 1 Cross Channel Racing Club ”Member Shares”

For the duration of their 2 year membership will enjoy the same benefits as any horse racing owner in the UK but without the high costs.

While a Bronze member of the Cross Channel Racing members will enjoy;

Part 1

Members Shares

  • 5% “member shares” in a designated horse
  • Paul George as the trainer for Cross Channel Racing.
  • 100% prize money refunded against your membership (to the value of your “member shares”)
  • 100% re-sale value of the horse (to the value of your “member shares*)
  • A Complimentary Owners and Trainers badge when a members horse runs (additional ones available at cost price)
  • Access to races where a Cross Channel Racing Club horse is running (subject to availability)
  • Potential to race in France and the UK
  • French prize money is a unique opportunity (around 3 times the value of UK prize money)

Part 2

VIP / Members Only

  • 1 year membership for the M Club private members club London ( 3 locations normally £1000 per year)
  • Your company logo on the CCR website and additional sponsorship opportunities
  • Meet the trainer events and behind the scenes stable tour
  • Annual CCR Members dinner
  • Members zone website
  • Owners / Guests France trips
  • Owners / Guests On the Gallops Trainer events
  • Owners welcome pack, including merchandise with your company logo added
  • Free members concierge service with
  • CCR Membership card and members lapel badge
  • Exclusive VIP member events
  • Member get Members £50 Vouchers for both the member and a new member (when they join )

Part 3

Inner Circle

  • CCR members only Inner Circle horse racing tips
  • With contacts in the industry our aim is to ensure our members make money successful tips.

Part 4

Cross Channel Racing Business Network

  • Gain access to our exclusive member network and have your own member profile on the CCR member zone.
  • All members will be invited to meet other members at networking events
  • We will arrange a 10 minute business meeting with the other attendees
  • Promote your business network with other members and make new contacts
  • The CCR team will arrange this for you
How do I join?

Pay a one-off joining fee to become a member

In addition pay monthly membership subscriptions

This opens up four membership benefits that give an opportunity to have access to some fantastic experiences at a value premium

Bronze 5% members share

Joining fee 
£1595 with M Club
£1295 (without M Club)
£159 per month

Silver – 8% members share
£2495 joining fee 
(£2195 without  M Club)
£249 per month 

Gold- 12% members share 
£3695 joining fee (£3395 without M Club )
£369 per month

Platinum-15% membership minimum or above by separate negotiation with owners 
( naming rights potential ) 
£4595 joining fee (£4295 without m club ) 
£459 per month


How much does it cost to join Cross Channel Racing?

Join now as a Founder Members and be able to buy in at a special rate.

Founder Members can get £500 off the normal Bronze membership joining fee

Option 1 £2450 joining fee reduced to £1950 as a one off payment

£195 per month all-inclusive monthly membership fees over 24 months

Option 2 £1450 joining fee reduced to £950 as a one off payment

£245 per month all-inclusive monthly membership fees over 24 months

Is Cross Channel Racing a unique business?
  • We believe it is in the UK with the four elements of the membership.
What do the monthly payments cover?

The monthly payments cover all costs for the four parts to the membership.

Cross Channel Racing own the horses but all members receive “member shares” in a designated horse.

This gives members a complimentary Owner and Trainers badge for all races the horse runs in.

Their share in any prize money won and re-sale on the horses sale.

Membership fees will cover all the training expenses , vets and blacksmith bills ,training costs and transport to and from the racecourse.

All the horses food and living costs and associated administration and jockey’s riding fees are included.

Your monthly fee will remain unaffected should other members of the club choose to leave.

Whats included in a member share?

Parts 1-4 of the membership above.

Cross Channel Racing own the horses but under the private membership agreement afforded to members with “member shares”

Cross Channel Racing treat their members as owners who enjoy all of the benefits an owner does

Invites to the racing stables and meet the trainer events along with the Owners and Trainers racing badges for the races.

Cross Channel Racing Club deal with all the paperwork and administration for each horses’ run, enabling you to simply turn up at the track to watch your horse run.

How do you choose a horse?

Cross Channel Racing will use the trainer Paul George and our own extensive contacts to look for value for money horses who in many cases will be young and unraced with the aim of getting our members into the  winners’ enclosure.

Robyn Brisland and his team will research the form and pedigree on every horse Cross Channel Racing purchase.

This can take a huge amount of time.

There will be normally be a shortlist of horses to be reviewed before any horse is secured.

Robyn has a tremendous record of finding horses in this way (Kodiac Harbour being one such example)

Will the monthly payments remain the same?

Founder members will have their Bronze membership costs fixed for 4 years thereby rewarding loyalty and encouraging members to sign for another 2 years after the first 2 year membership expires (should they wish to do so).

Could I name my horse?

Many UK horses will be unnamed when sold, so there is the potential to name a horse.

If a member had a group of friends that secured a horse with Cross Channel Racing as one group this can be easily accommodated for example.

Cross Channel Racing would assist the members to name the horse.

Can I insure my share?

When you purchase a share, the horse is not insured. However, you may choose to insure your share and this can be done independently or alternatively we can assist you with that. We would require written confirmation stating that you would like us to look into insuring your share. Alternatively, we will occasionally write to a member asking if they would like the horse to be insured at a stated value (this is normally for very high value horses)

How often will my horse run?

The wellbeing of the Horse will be of paramount importance and the strategy for the management and racing of the Horse shall always be subject to the advice of the Horse’s trainer and if necessary at any time, vets.

We will treat each horse as an individual, therefore the amount of starts during a season can vary.

Some horses thrive on racing, some appreciate a bit of time between starts; therefore, each Racing Manager will be in frequent contact with the Trainer regarding the race planning and strategy of every horse.

What information do I receive about my horse?

Cross Channel Racing has a designated Racing Manager, and an up to date member zone on the website for your horse.

During the racing season, you will receive updates on the website member zone in respect of your horse’s progress, race plans, entries and declarations. Every time your horse is declared to run, you’ll receive a race preview and a review afterwards, once your racing manager has the race report from the trainer. Off season, updates will be less frequent, as if your horse is out of training or as we say ‘on holiday’, there will be less to report on, however we still hold stable visits to see our horses out of season and will keep you up to date on any news and regular videos on the member zone.

Do I have input in my horses career?

We do welcome opinion from each member regarding your horse’s racing plans with your clubs manager

The horses plans will be detailed though our owner updates

What are the payment options?

You can pay the upfront share cost by direct bank transfer. The monthly membership fees are paid by direct debit.

What privileges will I receive on race days?

When your horse is running, Cross Channel Racing will secure one Owners badge free of charge per member, which can be collected on arrival at the racecourse. Most racecourses have a separate owners and trainers area / bar and restaurant where you will have the opportunity to mix with some of the famous names in British horse racing and there is usually a complimentary lunch, also the winning owners are always invited for a glass of champagne after the race by the racecourse management, a great way to celebrate while watching a replay of the race!

The owners and trainers badge allows access into the parade ring where you will meet your jockey and may even get filmed or interviewed on TV

Is it possible to make a profit as a member?

Prize-money in the UK is improving and horses can dramatically increase in value if they perform well but a membership should not be treated as an investment

Can I bring my friends and family to the racing stables?

Members are very welcome to bring friends and family along to the yard just contact the Cross Channel Racing Manager to arrange this. We will also have member days to facilitate this. We organise year-round open mornings at every trainers’ yard, both during the on and off season. This allows you plenty of opportunities to get up close & personal with your horse, hear the trainer’s thoughts and meet up with fellow club members. Many owners choose to join the team to continue racing discussions over lunch at a local public house!

What happens if my horse gets injured?

Horses are elite athletes and unfortunately, as in any sport, they do suffer injuries sometimes. Robyn Brisland mainly runs horses on the flat so there is usually less injuries to horses than a jumps horse. Robyn and his team use a number of highly skilled vets in case of any issue. Time is the best healer for horses and, in most cases, they will return from an injury-enforced break as good as ever. One of the benefits of the all-inclusive membership is that any bills are not incurred by the members for anything like this.

Will I be able to see my horse in training?

Robyn Brisland and Cross Channel Racing will arrange members days where owners can see their horse in action on the gallops and to the racing stables. This is an enjoyable and informative part of being an owner. Cross Channel Racing have a modern and informative members area on the website to get regular videos of the horses on the gallops and stay well informed on how each horse is going.

How many people are in each horse?

We limit the number of “members shares” in each horse to keep ownership as personal as possible. There will a maximum of 15 in each horse.

How long is the contract for?

The membership is for 24 months.

Can I take my friends and family along to the races?

Yes. At the majority of meetings, you have the opportunity to buy additional badges to the number your share size allocation entitles you to, providing you have let us know beforehand. This is not always possible at the bigger racing festivals, such as Royal Ascot, The Epsom Derby meeting, Glorious Goodwood etc. as the racecourses strictly limit certain enclosure badge numbers (as mentioned above). In such instances, we work very hard with the courses and owners to make as many badges available for owners and their guests. 

Can I buy a membership as a gift?

Yes, this is not a problem, we will do our very best to make your gift special.

How are decisions made to sell a horse?

Each horse is reviewed towards the end of every season by the Trainer and Racing Manager and you will be kept informed of any plans. Decisions are based on the performance, rating, estimated value and likely potential returns for the owners, whether through likely future racing achievements or re-sale value. We do our best to suggest selling at the right time and all owners are asked for their opinion to aid the decision making

How is the prize money distributed?

100% prize money refunded against your membership at the end of the 2 year membership less costs

(this is to the value of your own % shareholding )

* Prize money performance fees may apply see terms and conditions

How is the re-sale value of the horse distributed?

100% re-sale value on the horse is refunded against your membership at the end of the 2 year membership less costs

(this is to the value of your own % shareholding )

* Re-sale performance fees may apply see terms and conditions