Horse racing is the second largest spectator sport Great Britain and one of the longest established, with a history dating back many centuries.

It generates over £4 billion for the British and the major horse racing events such as Royal Ascot and Cheltenham Festival are important dates in the British and international sporting and society calendar.

Aristocratic families have always owned horses in Britain and in the modern era, the Queen continues to retain a stable of horses.

The two most prominent flat owners of the current era are Sheikh Mohammed, under the Godolphin banner.

There are 600 million people that watch the Grand National Worldwide.

Almost 4 million of the UK Population have ridden a horse.

6 million people will have entered the turnstiles at a UK racecourse

£12bn was estimated to have been gambled on horses in the UK which makes the UK the second biggest in the world behind Japan in terms of money gambled.

£3.1 billion is generated to the UK economy from the horse racing industry.

Yet there are only 14,000 owners of a racehorse in the UK!




Racehorses are beautiful creatures and they are a joy to see, to hear, to touch – the fun and excitement to have a winner is immense

However the cost of purchasing a racehorse can total a six figure sum and that’s not including the annual training fees (estimated to be around £24-£28,000 per year per horse) added to the maintenance, storage and other areas that come with owning a horse there are plenty of reasons why many stop short of buying into the dream

Cross Channel Racing remove this element by offering people the opportunity to join as a member and enjoy a number of fantastic benefits and remove many of the barriers to entry that are prohibitive to people becoming a racehorse owner

It’s no wonder so many people don’t get involved more closely with owning a horse due to the huge costs

Owning a racehorse for most people and owning a winning racehorse would normally be the stuff of dreams!